How Do You Choose The Best Trending Blinds And Shades?

Have you ever wondered what a house would look like without windows? Windows form the centre of attraction of any home. However, what you can do to enhance its beauty is to drape it with matching blinds and shades. There, you now have the perfect recipe for bright and beautiful homes.
Here is a quick guide as to help you decide what to buy and where you can place it based on the purpose.
1. Go Natural

  • Types: Many people prefer to use natural or organic materials for their homes. This includes wooden shades made out of bamboo, maple, birch or matchstick.
  • Purpose: Very good in regulating the amount of natural light into the room and to block rain from entering inside. Moreover, shades made of bamboo are becoming increasingly popular, as it is environmentally friendly.
  • Location: These are best suited for outdoors or the porches.


Best Trending Blinds And Shades

    2. Be bold with Colours

  • Types: These days' blinds and shades come in different colours and people are beginning to appreciate bright bold colours like red, yellow and even combination colours. Check out how yellow looks on your walls by browsing through
  • Purpose: Colours add life and every colour symbolises a meaning. For example, red symbolises energy, yellow for happiness, green for harmony and so on.
  • Location: Bold colours go well in dining rooms and even the bedrooms.

3. For the less adventurists, go subtle

  • Types: If you do not want to try bold colours then there is the always safe yet classic white, shades of white or more subtle colours.
  • Purpose: These colours give a classy look to the house plus they are tried and tested. Hence, you just cannot go wrong with these.
  • Location: Subtle colours are mostly preferred in the living area.

    4. Fabric says it all

  • Types: You name it and you are sure to find it at the stores such as cotton, velvet, silk, sheer, grosgrain, leather, fur and suede, just to name a few. You can buy almost anything these days based on the luxury you can afford.
  • Purpose: Some examples here would be grosgrain and velvet, which can be used on blinds and shades for detailing or to cover route holes. Sheer fabric allows natural light to enter the room.
  • Location: Based on the fabric you chose, you can decide where to use it. For example, use of silk is more appropriate in rooms, which is in need of a royal touch as the shine of silk livens up even the dullest room in the house.

5. Add textures:

  • Types: Natural or synthetic woven fabric and multiple layers of textures are quite famous now.
  • Purpose: These add interest and ambiance to the room giving it a fresh and modern appeal.
  • Location: These are best suited in dining rooms or rooms that allow enough sunlight.

6. Throw in some Stripes and Prints

  • Types: Presence of stripes and bold prints as designs on blinds and shades are trending now.
  • Purpose: Presence and size of stripes and prints change the appearance of a room, sometimes making it look bigger and sometimes taller than the usual. In addition, blinds with bright floral prints give the room a youthful look.
  • Location: Bright bold prints go well in children's bedroom or the living room.

7. Do not forget Technology when going vogue

  • Types: While asking you to include technology, it means be more sophisticated in its usage such as using a remote, switch or Wi-Fi for the movement of blinds and shades, rather than having to pull them up and down manually and even incorporating clutch mechanisms.
  • Purpose: Technology anywhere anytime is meant for saving time and effort.
  • Location: This method can be used almost anywhere in the house.

8. Think Health

  • Types: These days, with growing concerns for reduction in pollution and increasing the standards of health, there are window panels that are manufactured to ward off allergies at home such as the heat or cold repellent window panels.
  • Purpose: To maintain a healthy environment inside the house and this can be made possible by spraying fabrics with anti-microbial traits. Additionally, fabrics that are resistant to stain and mould and those made without mixing any toxic dyes are also available.
  • Location: Once again, location is not a concern as such ideas can be installed in any part of the house.

Hence, next time you go shopping for blinds and shades, do not go blindfolded, rather know what suits your windows and rooms best and know what are the different types that are available for purchase.

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